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Mike Geary! Who Is He- Mike Geary Scam or Legit ?

October 8, 2011


Mike Geary! Who Is He- Mike Geary Scam or Legit ?

Is Mike Geary scam or not? This is the most common questions for a lot of people across the world. In spite of this issue, Mike Geary truth about six pack abs has made it far and becomes the most sold eBook on the internet today. In this post I will dictate all the aspects if the truth about abs really work or again a crap program.

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Who is Mike Geary?

When you are looking to buy a product specially if it is related to the health, how imortant is it to know about the author. Here is the summary of the history of Mike Geary.

MIke Geary SacmMike is a well recognized “Six pack abs guru” and a Certified Nutrition and Fitness Expert. As an educational background he did a Bachelors of Science degree from the Susquehanna University. He has been in the health fitness business for quite a long time now. With the time, he make his carrer as a personal trainer. Now mike has 10+ years of experience of body fat loss techniques, strength building and high resistance training.

Mike is also a recognized Expert Fitness Author. In the years of his service, Mike had written various health and fitness articles focused on getting abs and was successfully published on uncountable fitness sites. One of his successful contributions to the fitness industry is a newsletter called “Lean Body Fitness Secrets”, which has gained over 320,000 readers troughout the world.

Is The Truth about Six Pack Abs really work?

At first look, Mike Geary abs program seems to be glorified and hurly. However, when you continue reading, you would find out about the top phenomena in the course of getting six pack abs. He had discussed it in very easy way in the book, and surely some of you have experienced such problems while working out on your abs.

The core training is devided in 3 portions.

1. High resistence short training
2. Complete diet plan
3. and most important proper mindset

The book will teach you information on how to lose stomach fat without spending too much time. Mike also shares some abs training techniques that even your trainer might not know. He has a fine but unique approach of developing a gorgeous body for ladies and strong yet yummy looking abs for gentlemen.

Currently, The Truth about Six Pack Abs already has hundreds of thousands of cutomers in over 150 nations and they are happy with their dicision. With this, you should not have anymore suspicions about the term Mike Geary scam training in your mind.

One thing I admired most about Mike Geary is when he once said “I don’t preach to my cutomers about fitness and then go off and eat a box of donuts and smoke a cigarette. I stay lean and rock-hard year round by following smart training progressions and eating a fun and delicious healthy diet.” Personally, reading some of Mike Geary’s work of wonders is extremely amazing and a little bit inspiring.

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October 5, 2011


The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review: Is It Right Stuff To Purchase

This is The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review post. In this review I will tell you about how much effective the six pack abs program is? Is it right to buy the stuff from mike geary or not. Before that If you would like to go to the truth about abs main site, checkout the links below:

Click to go straight to home page to see a video presentation

Click Here Checkout 21 Days FREE Trial: I don’t know as how much time mike geary provide this.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review:

The Truth About Six Pack Abs ReviewEverybody has a dream of making six pack abs but it just remains a dream for most of the people due to lack of right guidance and techniques.

A man having abs looks very attractive and he can attract women towards him easily and same happens to a woman too. Moreover you will be healthier and strong if you have abs. So how this program help you?

The Basics Of the Truth about six pack abs:

To explain whole the concept of the truth about six pack abs, we can further devide the basic mechanism of working in 3 sections. The details are below

1. The truth about six pack abs diet plan

This plan mentions all appropriate food that should be taken by you in order to lose fat. Mike does not recommend to go on diet and to starve for month with the hope of losing weight. Actually he is against of these type of diet programs. All he recommend to take healthy and nutrition rich food. If you are going to gym and are making a very hard work out there but still it will be just waste of time and energy if you are eating unhealthy food. Inside the book an index is also provided that will show you the nutritional value of some food materials.

2. Proper body workout

As you know this guide mainly emphasizes on making abs, this book completely describes all necessary exercises very deeply with a live high resolution picture which make whole the experience a lot more effective and safe. Mike suggest to perform whole body workout to make six pack abs not just of abdominal muscles. By the truth about six pack abs you can expect mainly 3 types of workouts.

  1. Cardio exercises
  2. High intensity weight training and
  3. Advanced abs workouts

Mike suggest to whole body workout to add some lean muscle. It will increase your RMR ( Resting metabolic rate). So your body will burn fat automatically throughout the day all the 24 hours. You just have to do exercises 30 minutes a day and only thrice a week. If you make a proper balance between your nutrition and exercises then tough six pack abs are not much far from you.

3. A Proper Mindset:

According to the truth about six pack abs review this is the hardest step of abs making. You need to have a support whenever you need it to continuously follow any program out there. I am so pleased with the program that It will boost your confidence level and help you to set a proper mindset. I highly recommend to read the truth about abs twice before starting with it.

Mike Geary is a world famous fitness expert and nutrition specialist . He composed this guidebook after a long research of 10 years. He has written complete knowledge regarding burning your abdominal fat and getting six packs. Mike Geary has done a fantastic job for the slim and tummy tuck body loving people.

My Final Thoughts on Truth about abs:

While the truth about abs is a really good approach to your six pack abs making. You can burn your belly fat rapidly but it require some efforts. You should follow the mike geary properly. Indeed this program has changed life style of too many people. More than 90,000 of people praise the truth about six pack abs program over the world. You too can purchase the truth about six pack abs program just for few dollars. If you are trying for making abs then you will get a lot of advantages from this program.

Checkout The Truth About Six Pack Abs Program

PS: The truth about abs also have a money back guarantee for a full 60 days. Check the program for yourself for 2 months and see the results. For any reason you are not happy with the outcomes you always can ask for a full refund. Just email them, they will refund your hard earned money without any question asked. To checkout more on the program just click the link below.

>> Click Here to Visit the truth about six pack abs Offcial site


Product name: The Truth About Six Pack Abs
Product Reviewer: Dr. Amit Pareek
Product Rating: 4.5 stars

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July 15, 2011


Truth about abs program: What Is It All About?

It is truly undeniable that majority of the guys out there dream of having fabulous flat tummy, tight abdominals and of course, ripped six pack abs. In fact, the first question fitness trainers hear most often is how to get great abs and of course about the truth about abs program that are available in different health and fitness websites.

The truth about abs program

Mike Geary, the certified six pack abs guru has created the top-ranking eBook “The truth about six pack abs”, that unravels some interesting fat burning foods, unique exercise regimes that effectively burn stomach fat as well as the motivation and mindset lessons for permanent fat loss.

truth about abs programThe Truth about abs program focuses on full-body training as well as strategic exercise combinations and sequencing that increases the metabolic rate and stimulates a fat-burning hormonal response in our body. Mike Geary believes that the best way to burn fats in your tummy is to do full body strength workouts and truth about abs program will show you how to do it in a most favorable and time efficient way.

It is important to know that you cannot have a flat abdomen or a well-defined six pack without a good diet and quality full body training program. We often hear people complaining that they do hundreds of sit-ups and crunches a day, tried every diet out there but still, cannot get that great abs. Obviously they are not doing it the right way.

Does the truth about abs work? It is perhaps one of the first questions you might ask before you purchase the product. The good news is that, you can get a full view of the truth about abs book even before making the full purchase and not to mention that it is a money back guarantee, for you to have a 100% peace of mind. It is quite fascinating right?

However, the truth about abs program does not include great part about cardiovascular conditioning. Some experts believed that the combination of a healthful, nutritious diet and cardiovascular exercise are important to train your abdominal muscles. Other than that, the whole program is amazing and really does work with enough discipline and determination.

If you want to try out and experience the truth about abs program, feel free to visit http://www.truthaboutabs.com and see if this is the right program for you.

Or read complete truth about six pack abs review

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July 11, 2011


Mike Geary Truth About Abs review: Is Mike Geary abs Works?

Let’s admit it; many of us are dying to know the secret to six pack abs. Some of you may be working for a very long time, doing different types of workouts everyday but still, you are not getting the result you have always wanted. Actually what is mike geary truth about abs and is it really work well as mike geary abs program claim on his site? So let me clear the topic.

Mike Geary abs program review:

Well, you are not the only one experiencing that same dilemma like described above. Mike Geary truth about abs is a fundamentally comprehensive diet and fitness program aimed at helping you get leaner all over your body in general and in your abs in particular.

Mike geary truth about abs programWhat I likes about the Mike Geary abs program is the variety of shorter and high intensity workouts. And all the workout methods are described with a live picture. Mike claimed that some of the abdominal exercises are so new and tricky that even your personal trainer may not know about them.

Mike Geary, a certified professional fitness trainer and the man behind the best selling e-book “Truth about six pack abs” unveils the essentials on how to achieve a great looking body with eye-catching six pack abs. According to him, in order to burn loose belly fat, you need to burn fat from your entire body and that is why he gives more emphasis on full body workouts, not just on abs workout.

The full body workouts inside Mike Geary’s truth about abs generally take between 30-50 minutes/day, 3-4 days a week. If you are going to invest your time, energy and determination, then this program will give you gradual results in achieving the kind of tummy you are dreaming of. I guess the best thing is that, you can do the six pack abs program in the comfort of your own home, but with enough training materials such as adjustable dumbbells.

The mike geary abs program will greatly work out if you are going to follow what it has to teach you. Sooner or later, you will be amaze of the results all over your body and not just your abs and you would probably agree that this program really works.

>> Check out Mike Geary truth about abs FREE for 21 days

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